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 NEW JERSEY COLONIAL RECORDS - Volume 21 Calendar of Records 1664-1703

The NEW JERSEY COLONIAL RECORDS: Volume 21 Calendar of Records 1664-1703, is presented here courtesy of David Tourison. It represents not only Dave's work but that of Liz Johnson, who, after Dave had prepared the text, went through and capitalized all the surnames as a help to researchers. This version of the volume is organized a bit differently than the original posting on GenWeb. The original files have either been split or joined to create files that represent the actual deed books. This, we hope, will provide a somewhat more user friendly experience for you.

Volume 21, or the Calendar of Records is a collection of summaries of almost all of the earliest Deeds and Surveys recorded in colonial New Jersey. The records are divided into two main groups. There is a set for West Jersey and a set for East Jersey. For the moment we are posting just the West Jersey records(this is, after all the West Jersey History Project). East Jersey folks (I know you're stopping by the site) will have to wait a little bit. In any case, these summaries of deeds contain (for those willing to dig it out) a wealth of information concerning the early settlement and the founders of the New Jersey.

West Jersey
East Jersey
Liber A, Town Grants, New Salem (1679-1699) Liber No. 1 (1650-1678)
Liber A, or Revel's Book of Survey's (1680-1704) Liber No. 2 [a Book of Warrants and Surveys, is in the Office of the East Jersey Proprietors, at Perth Amboy.]
Liber B, Part I (1677-1694) Liber No. 3 (1665-1682)
Liber B, Part II (1687-1703) Liber No. 4 (1679-1682)
Fenwick's Surveys, 1676-1706 Liber A (1676-1698)
Salem Surveys, No. I (1676-1679) Liber B (1680-1688
Salem Surveys, No. II (1678-1688) Liber C (1670-1703)
Salem Surveys, 1676 Liber D (1672-1694)
Salem No. 1 (1664-1699) Liber E (1672-1698)
Salem Deeds, Liber B (1672-1702) Liber F (1680-1698)
Salem Deeds, No. 2 (1678-1686) Liber G (1683-1702)
Salem Deeds, No. 3 (1680-1687)  
Salem Deeds, No. 4 (1683-1689)  
Salem Deeds, No. 5 (1686-1695)  
Salem Deeds, No. 6 (1685-1699)  
Salem Deeds, No. 7 (1698-1703)  
Nevill's Book of Deeds, Liber A (1684-1692)  
Greenwich Town Lots (1686-1703)  

Volume C--Gloucester Deeds, No. 1 (1650-1665) (1683-1688)

Volume C--Gloucester Deeds, No. 2 (1652-1664; 1684-1700)  
Liber C--Gloucester Deeds, No. 3 (1681-1703)  

The NEW JERSEY COLONIAL RECORDS: Volume 21 Calendar of Records 1664-1703, is part of a series of volumes put out by the New Jersey State Archive back at the turn of the last century. Other volumes contain abstracts of wills, newspaper extracts, records of the administrations of colonial governors and other interesting material. Most county library's and county historical societies are likely to have a complete set. Some of the books from the series, like Volume 21, have been reprinted by private organizations and may be available on the web.


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