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 Revolutionary War Era Maps

This is a small collection of Revolutionary War Era maps. The are all ported over from the Library of Congress and have been converted to JPEG format. Although some size reduction and a lot of compression has been applied the files are still pretty big ( 300k to over 1mb). This is certainly not ideal but necessary to keep the map images large enough to use. We hope you find these worth the wait. In any case, we'll be adding more maps as we are able.

Batsto Landing at Egg Harbor - 1770s-1770s Area around Black Horse (Columbus) Route of General Cornwallis to Billingsport - 1777
Map of Monmouth County - 1781 Operations of General Washington against the Kings Troops - Faden - 1776-77 Part of the coastline of Monmouth and Ocean Counties - 1770s
Map of NJ - 1778 - Faden - version 1 Map of NJ - 1778 - Faden - version 2 Penny Hill (Mount Laurel) to Black Horse (Columbus) with inset of Haddonfield - Hills - 1778
Roads in Camden and Gloucester Coubties - 1777 Trenton Vicinity - 1776-7 The Universal Magazine - June, 1777 - Maps of NJ plus an Article mostly about Philadelphia
Vicinity of Coopers Ferries (Camden) - 1778 Revolutionary War Era Maps From the Hessian State Archives  


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